Book Day

Posted on: 08th March 2018                                                                   By: Catherine Nuza


Book Day!


It's a real delight to see children of all ages celebrating Book day. All dressed up as their favourite characters, it really allows the children to have fun in their costumes as well as in their imaginations. Living in such a visual world of instant gratification people loose sight of the simple pleasures of life, such as sitting down and reading a good book.

Whether it's in the form of an E-book, Paper back or an audio book being able to fall into a writers world is a precious experience.

Around the world, pre-schools to primary and secondary schools are registering more and more often, becoming involved in this annual event. As a result Book day has been able to extend their reach even further every year, trying to make new schools aware on how to become part of Book day.

By involving such young children in the event we are showing them from an early age that books can be fun and exciting to read. Hopefully instilling some positive views on reading for the future.

Children are coming face to face with technology at a younger age with every passing generation. So much so that it has resulted by them living in a world which is very much digitally and visually based. Having events such as Book day ensures that the children explore different characters and made-up places, allowing them to use and expand on their abilities for creating, by using their imaginations.

89.5% of KS2 pupils are aware of World Book Day. Some children have never been able to buy a book before, this event allows them be become part of something which allows them to truly own their books. This is why the books have to be chosen carefully and the tokens are key in the whole process. The £1.00 contribution for example would help raise funds for Book Aid International, to help them send books to other countries. The charity is completely funded by Publishers, sponsors as well as countless others and run by volunteers who are trying to give a happy and positive experience to children world wide.

I just wanted to post this as I really admire how hard these people work and everything they do to get Book day up and running every year. Thank you so much for giving children all around the world a positive experience with books!

By Catherine Nuza

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