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Posted: 21st February 2018 By: Catherine Nuza

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Having Psycho-Analysis: Khedlar's Story - The Beginning published and I'm now waiting for my second book in the trilogy Revenge to follow in it's steps on the 1st of March. It makes me feel exited at how far my novels have come and the journey they have sent me on.

Psycho-Analysis: The Beginning first came to me as an idea for a short story. I had never intended to eventually expand on its young bones and allow it to grow in this life as I did, picking up more ideas and becoming well rounded in formation.

In July 2017 my first psychological thriller was written and published for the world to read. I was happily surprised by the lovely comments and reviews that readers gave as their feedback. This placed me firmly on the road to creating a trilogy, a kind of psychological thriller that was different from the norm. It boosted my confidence and belief that these books needed to be written.

Being an extremely visual person I adore books that allow you to step into the shoes of the main character and experience the story from their perspective along with the persons confusion, highs and lows. You get to see and taste their world from the lens they use, not mine, to view the world around them.

The name Dawn Vines came to me one night when I was writing the first draft of my novel and I knew it suited the towns name perfectly. It was a brilliant fit right from the very start!

By growing up in Gibraltar, a British colony on the southern tip of Spain, I knew how small towns can allow you to personally know the majority of locals and stories about their lives.

What if this peaceful aspect was messed with in some way and held dark secrets that could stir your soul? This thought of “what if?” set my mind racing deeper and deeper into the image I had created of Dawn Vines and the more I wrote, the more the characters just seemed to become unique in their own right.

I enjoyed writing my first book in the trilogy so much that my second book, Revenge pretty much wrote itself. It should be out on on the 1st of March 2018 so keep checking this blog for more details and updates.


Catherine Nuza