Vampires, what are they?

As we all know vampires have been around for ever and have grown and evolved with every rising generation.
 What are vampires?
Amongst so many mythological manifestations of evil the story of an undead blood thirsty monster never seems to lose its hold on humanity. Authors continue to stain the purest of pages with words that bring vampires to life while leaving behind them a trail of fear, captivating the reader. The word vampire basically means drinker of blood. They have been represented from an undead corpse that rises from the grave every night to feast on unsuspecting people to a high school vampire that twinkles in the sunlight. Everyone has their own take on what they feel would be a real vampire and so it’s always a challenge to be unique in the writing and express more the essence of these incredible characters. In fact some people have traced vampires back to Greek mythology. Apollo being a jealous god didn’t bless Ambrogio and his wishes to marry Selena. Instead he placed a curse on him as Apollo wanted Selena for himself. This curse stopped Ambrogio from being able to be in sunlight as his skin would burn.
Many think that Bram Stoker named Count Dracula after Vlad Dracula, also known as Vald the Impaler. Vlad Dracula was born in Transylvania, Romania. Ruling Walachia, Romania, on and off from 1456-1462. He would partake in somewhat strange and gory things such as dipping his bread into the blood of his dying victims. Bram Stoker denies basing it on Vlad Dracula though.
So what is it about them that fascinates and entices our curiosity?
The fangs, immortal regenerating abilities and luring skills just touch the surface of what makes a vampire a vampire. Having to drink fresh blood in order to survive while staying out of the sunlight are a much needed limitation for this creature that ultimately has been created from pure evil.
I think that fact that they are so different from us and come from the darkest of places allows our minds to wonder into the unknown and ask the age old question, are vampires real?
Yes in fact there are people who believe that they are vampires and apart from makeup, contact lenses and accessories they actively drink blood every day; Although this is in no way for survival but rather for fun or pleasure.
In regards to not being able to be exposed to sunlight there is a skin condition called Xeroderma Pigmentosum, this is an extreme sensitivity to UV rays and makes the chances of getting skin cancer 10,000-fold. It’s the warning signs that give the disease its name. The word “xeroderma” means extremely dry skin and “pigmentosum” refers to the freckles and dark spots.
What about regeneration?
People would love the power to defy life and death and what better way to do that than being immortal? The main reason this has appeared in many vampire novels is because after a person has died their hair and nails still grow for a certain amount of time, making it seem as if the person is still alive. People have always had a fascination with death and what awaits us in the afterlife. So if someone had the power to bring people back from the brink of death they would be seen as a god. They would be immortal through science and defy the laws of nature in doing so.
There is also what people call physic vampires; these are everyday people who are known to drain another person’s energy purely by engaging with them physically, mentally or emotionally.  
After looking at all the variations of vampires I think it’s safe to say that a vampire can to a certain extent be anything thing you want it to be. There are no limits in our imagination and every variation allows you to get to know a different kind of vampire and enjoy the world we create for you as authors.