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Author Bio:

Catherine Nuza portrays through her writing a personal perspective of life experience in caring for people suffering from mental illness. Being a writer all her life she tells the story from every angle including facts, experiences, imagination and work. Travelling from a young age she has sampled humanity from all walks of life and understands sociological and psychological traits of cultures and weaves these elements into her story. Caring for a wide age range, she has developed a humanistic lens garnered from hard work, the desire to help others and reveals her knowledge and experience. The story evolved rapidly into a full-blown novel with the notion to create and unveil the journey and making of a psychopath. Not enough is shared about the evolution of the human mind that creates these monsters. She writes with an educated eye that visually paints the picture of their world.

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Welcome to my author bio page...

“The work is amazing in what it has to offer even if its’s disturbing. I highly recomend this book for academic and community libraries.”
~ Bonnye Mathews

”A natural author! A dark, twisted story that is not for the faint-hearted. Not a single detail can be missed in this maze and whirlwind of a journey.” ~ Liana Peklfvanas
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